Affiliate Program Agreement

Signup Requirements

QuickHostUK Affiliates must be over the age of 18 (eighteen). Affiliate websites must not contain any lewd, obscene, illegal or otherwise objectionable material. In addition, this includes material promoting bigotry, hatred, and satanism. Any materials designated as such as described above are left entirely to the discretion of QuickHostUK management. Furthermore, any website that sells or promotes bulk email services is not permitted.

As an Affiliate, it is your responsibility to maintain accurate and complete account information. QuickHostUK may collect information such as contact information, URLs of websites where QuickHostUK will be promoted, promotional practices and means, payment information, tax information, and any other information we require.

You should provide us with all additional information relevant to the websites where you promote QuickHostUK and the promotional practices you employ when we request it.

Providing incorrect or invalid information may result in the suspension or termination of your Affiliate account and forfeiture of commissions.

Link Placement

It is prohibited to place affiliate links, banners, or advertisements in newsgroups, unsolicited e-mail, banner networks, counters, chat rooms, or guestbooks. Links, banners, and advertisements must be placed so as not to mislead any visitors to the site. In addition, they must be placed in a manner that will deliver valid sales, leads, or clicks to QuickHostUK.


Affiliates are paid in GBP (£) and only if the original order referred remains active for more than 90 days. Affiliates will not be credited for any referred orders that cancel within 90 days. Referral credits cannot be combined with any other offers.

The current affiliate referral rate is 10% per month for the life of the referral. 

The minimum amount affiliates have to reach before paying out is currently £10

In order to request an affiliate payment, you must submit a sales ticket. Unless otherwise specified, payments will be sent to the affiliate’s account balance. Affiliates can also request payment by bank transfer or PayPal. Payment gateways may assess additional transaction fees that will be deducted in accordance with their rules.

Our company reserves the right to mark any sale as invalid at our discretion, without offering any explanation or reason for doing so.

The holding period, as set out in the agreement, may be extended without prior notice for as long as it is reasonably necessary to establish the validity of the sale.

Referrals that are fraudulent, doubtful, or canceled may be deducted from your current and future affiliate commissions.

Promotional materials

You are provided with a limited, non-exclusive license that permits you to access and download QuickHostUK’s logo, trade names, and other promotional materials solely for the purpose of promoting websites owned, operated, or controlled by QuickHostUK.

We expressly prohibit the copying, altering, or modification of any official logos, copyright or trademark notices, icons, buttons, banners, images, documents, or contents related to QuickHostUK’s Links without prior written approval from us.

QuickHostUK does not permit the use of its advertising or promotional materials, trade name, logo, or any other content in a way that adversely affects its image and reputation.

Affiliate Responsibilities

As an Affiliate, you will be compensated for bringing in new and unique business to QuickHostUK. QuickHostUK has an absolutely zero-tolerance policy regarding fraud and abuse of its services. These include, but are not limited to, order fraud, self-referrals, illegal behaviour, misrepresentation of services, traffic hijacking, or any other kind of inappropriate behaviour.

In addition, Affiliates should not use domain names that include or are similar to QuickHostUK.

It is recommended that you do not act or recommend anything to your referrals that may result in revenue losses for QuickHostUK.

Do not attempt to promote QuickHostUK using unauthorized techniques, including, but not limited to, blackhat SEO or spam.

It is your duty to be loyal to QuickHostUK. You are not to misuse its confidence nor to damage its reputation.

It is forbidden to bid on QuickHostUK trade names and misspellings, as well as variations of these terms, in PPC and PPI ads on search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Bing, Baidu, 360, etc.) without our prior approval. Additionally, QuickHostUK’s Websites may not be used as display URLs in any paid advertisements and may not direct or redirect to QuickHostUK’s official website.

Unless we have given our prior approval, you may not offer cash back, rewards, or any other type of incentive to build a referral program and obtain sales.

As an affiliate, you are prohibited from using link masking or cloaking techniques to promote QuickHostUK on any non-approved websites and networks and hide that traffic source.

Customers whom you recommend must not have previously used our services and should not have previously registered for an affiliate account with us.

If you are acting on behalf of the customer, the customer should complete the order on his or her own without any assistance from you.

Affiliates found to be engaging in activities not deemed appropriate by QuickHostUK will be terminated immediately. Unpaid earnings from referrals in such cases will be forfeited.


Any unsolicited e-mail, regardless of its source, is regarded as spam by QuickHostUK. Affiliate accounts will be terminated if references to QuickHostUK appear in any unsolicited email, advertisement, newsletter, or any other direct marketing medium. This includes using our name, linking to our website, or creating a link to another website that mentions QuickHostUK.

Termination of Service

QuickHostUK reserves the right to refuse or cancel any service at its sole discretion. A violation of this agreement may result in a warning, suspension, account termination, or the cancellation of any outstanding commission payments.

The limited, non-exclusive license to access, download and use QuickHostUK’s logo, trade names, and other promotional materials will automatically terminate upon termination of your affiliate account.

Limitation of Liability

Customers agree that they will defend, indemnify, save, and hold QuickHostUK harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs, and claims, including reasonable legal fees, asserted against QuickHostUK, its agents, or its clients, officers, or employees, as a result of any services provided, performed, or agreed to be performed, or any products sold by a customer, affiliate, its agents or employees.


In no event will QuickHostUK be responsible for any damages your business may suffer. The services provided by QuickHostUK are provided without any warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. This includes loss of data due to delays, non-delivery, erroneous delivery, and any and all interruptions of service caused by QuickHostUK and its employees. In addition, QuickHostUK reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time.

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Form Edited: Feb 3 2022

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