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AJRB Services – Case Study

As a growing start-up, we are going through a period of research and development – finding the right products for our customers, and for us alike.

We chose to work with QuickHostUK in March 2020 after finding them on Google. Our initial thoughts seemed “the prices seem too good to be true”. We’ve been a client ever since.

The rapid, reliable, and reputable support is beyond first-class. The services are very reliable, and the uptime is unbeatable. Unlike other companies we have worked with, QHUK are very transparent when there is a problem, and alerts us to issues through their status page. This level of transparency and honesty makes them a perfect fit for us. The flexible packages are also perfect for our needs as we need to showcase solutions to clients one-off, so long contracts aren’t suitable for us – and the ability to control our services and make changes in the portal is also amazing.

Our entire business function is hosted in the QHUK Cloud, and I’m proud to say that the service has overall been faultless. Lastly, the team at QHUK have gone out of their way for us multiple times – one example is when Cerrie recently expanded the 365 product range available through their site just for us. We look forward to seeing QHUK grow further and their product range offer even more variety.

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