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Lucky Pineapple Films – Case Study

My colleagues are also my BFFs. As a tight knit group, we always talk about everything from moving house to business goals daily. One conscious decision we made together was finding a great e-mail inbox provider for our work inboxes. We wanted classic IMAP, with the possibility of expanding our storage needs and having a great number of customised e-mail addresses we could create in the future as our company grows from small to large.

QuickHostUK’s pricing is fair, and we love the simplicity. We use it for everything from our in house PR services to our Etsy shop inbox.

QuickHostUK’s support team is English speaking and responsive; nothing was frustrating like some of the services we considered that took a week or more to reply with people who gave us impersonal responses, leaving us feeling like leftover fast food.

We hope someday to have the beautiful “problem” of needing more storage space to use for our Lucky Pineapple Films employees’ accounts for our production company as we take on film markets in the UK, USA, and the Tasman regions!

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Nicole Russin-McFarland - Founder of Lucky Pineapple Films, film director, and film score composer

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