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What is a fully managed server?

Managed servers – why business and website owners should have one

It’s not news that the business and technological world is forever changing – more and more businesses are using a website to showcase, market, and sell their products and services. This makes your hosting service a crucial component of efficiently running and securing your website.

Like most things in life, hosting has some level of intelligent automation, but is it enough to ensure your website is always available, fast, and not being hacked? Can you rely on automation alone?

The simple answer is no—you can’t. Hosting services need to be maintained, kept updated, and managed. If you purchase an unmanaged hosting service, then guess who will have to maintain and manage it? You.

Businesses are way too busy dealing with their products, services, and customers to have the burden of managing a server, not to mention the technical knowledge of how to maintain and manage a server.

So, what’s the solution?

Managed Servers

What is a managed server?

A managed server is when you have a team of experts who maintain and upkeep your server. A server support team will provide:

Advanced Technical Support

Whether physical or virtual, Servers need specialist technicians to offer crucial support for technical issues and applications.

Software/System updates

To ensure that servers are running to their optimal capabilities, server support will regularly check for important updates and install new updates as soon as they are released. Updates are an essential part of keeping your server fast and safe.

Regular Backups

The importance of backing things up cannot be emphasised enough. If you were to get hacked or have a system failure or any other sort of disaster where you risk losing your website and all its content, you would rely on your backups to restore your website. Having a managed server means that you will never have to worry about losing your website or content.

Database Management

Your database is crucial to your website, and compromising it is like compromising your entire online business. Support will ensure that your database is kept optimised and organised. The management also includes frequent database monitoring and backups.

Server Monitoring and Recovery

Servers are constantly monitored for system faults and failures – frequent restore points are created. If there is a fault, the support team will know about it and quickly address the issue with minimum service disruption.

Spam & Virus Protection

Its common knowledge that no one is safe from spammers and hackers. Anti-spam and Virus Protection has become imperative to prevent foreign penetration of your servers. Even some of the largest companies in the world suffer at the hands of hackers. Keeping on top of security is non-negotiable.

Security Scans & Audits

Support also frequently scans the sever for faults and live and potential threats. They will also carry out regular security audits to identify vulnerabilities and threats. Provide fast, effective and secure solutions for susceptibilities.

If you have a website that you want running smoothly – your server must be kept updated to the latest software, monitored, backed up, secure. And if you want a complete and headache-free solution, then you need to seriously consider getting a managed server service.

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