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What is WHMCS Reseller Hosting?

If you’re interested in starting your own hosting company, or simply want to host your own customers, then WHMCS may be the right tool for you.

For the inexperienced and reseller beginners, it may be best to first look at reseller hosting from companies that offer their own brandable reseller shop. This means from the moment you signup with them, you get your own online store and can start reselling their products right away.

These companies often offer their own control panels, rather than industry-standard panels, such as WHMCS for host billing automation, cPanel or Plesk for hosting websites, etc. As mentioned, this offers the benefits of being set up and ready to resell these companies’ products with no technical knowledge and may be ideal for beginners!

So, why would you choose WHMCS?

Well, as above, choosing a hosted reseller shop only allows you to resell these company’s products. What does this mean for you exactly? It means that you are limited in what products you can sell and at what price. It also means that you need to pay for each web hosting plan or server, from the reseller host company when you resell it to your customer, and you simply add on what profit you would like to make to the customer’s total price.

Example: Let’s say your customer buys a VPS from your online reseller store for £10 per month. This VPS is costing you £7 per month from the reseller host company. You are actually only making £3 /per month. So the majority of the revenue is going to the reseller host company whose reseller panel you are using.

This is where WHMCS comes in. As WHMCS is an industry-standard control panel, it has integration with nearly every well-known web hosting, VPS, and dedicated server brand available. You can see some of them here: This means you can install the Digital Ocean VPS module or The SSL Store module or the OnApp Cloud Server module etc. etc. and start selling all of their services. But again, as above, this means you need to pay these companies for the items that you resell, but, it gives you the flexibility to sell what you want and from who you want.

With QuickHostUK Fully Managed Reseller Hosting you get a free copy of WHMCS which you can then link to our WHM/cPanel Linux Servers, Plesk Linux Servers, Plesk Windows 2019 Servers, and our Cloud VPS platform. And/Or any other providers you wish to use! This means you can start reselling nearly everything you might need, on industry-standard panels. A common question we often get asked is, what is fully managed? It simply means that we will fully manage your account. Is a website you host running slow? We’ll tune it and make it fast. Is a website showing an error? We’ll debug it and find out why. Did a website get hacked? We’ll do a security audit and secure it. Do you need to move websites from other hosts? We’ll migrate them free of charge, at any time to suit you or your clients. And everything in between… All included as standard.

What if you want to sell your own hosting? What’s the solution?

The answer is to use your own hardware. You would need to buy and collocate a dedicated server. Then on this server, you would need to pick an OS and control panel. Linux and cPanel are arguably the most common combination. Once these have been installed and configured, you can then host your own WHMCS and sell hosting space from your own server.

What if you are not a server administrator by trade and are not comfortable managing a server of your own? This is where Fully Managed Dedicated Servers come into play. It would work like so, you would rent a Fully Managed Dedicated Server from a provider, they would manage the server for you, leaving you to manage your client’s websites. You can then charge anything you wish for your service and keep 100% of that income.

TIP: Make sure to check the level of management that comes with your managed server! Does the management only include the network, power, and OS of the server? does it cover the control panel? does it include backups and does it cover the managing, testing & restoring of the backups? does it cover the sites you will be hosting on the server? does it guarantee PCI and GDPR compliance of the server and sites? With a QuickHostUK Fully Managed Dedicated Server we like to concentrate on what we don’t cover, and that is only the website content or development. We cover absolutely everything else. That said, if we can help, we will!

Not ready for a Dedicated Server? Take a look a Fully Managed Cloud Servers instead. They are often cheaper, to begin with, and you can scale them up & down as needed.

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