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We’re a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner

We’re delighted to announce that QuickHostUK recently became a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner!

Who is Nominet?

Nominet UK is delegated by IANA to be the manager of the .uk domain name. This includes all domains under .uk such as,,,,, and

You can read more about the UK domain space and its trusted providers here:

quickhostuk nominet domain spinner

Why become a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner?

Becoming a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner is the highest level of competency that Nominet provides, and, will give our customers trust that we have the required level of business continuity, insurance, and administrative procedures in place to ensure their data is safe and secure.

You can learn more about the Nominet Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA) here.

Upcoming changes

All of our .uk domains will shortly be moved to our tag: QUICKHOSTUK

No action is required from our customers and no changes are being made to pricing.

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