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CK Media Services – Case Study

As an Award Winning, Professional, British Voice Over Actor of 14 Years. Voicing for clients such as Google, YouTube Premium, Amazon Alexa, MoD, KwikFit, OSRAM, BMW, Hyundai and more… Being online is an imperative part of my business and appearance! Large amounts of email communications, file transfer, sales and support chats are all part of my present-day operations! Along with web development that I conduct to improve my business and make everything streamlined for my clients to help make everyone’s lives easier 😉

Using QuickHostUK is one of the best moves I have taken this far. Under contended services, fast speed, above and beyond priority support where nothing is ever too difficult or bothersome for them!

I have my email and webhosting through QuickHostUK. During the time I have been with them, I have only ever felt the need to reach out once or twice due to intermittent issues. Which may I add were always rapidly cleared up and/or resolved within a few minutes of speaking to them!

With QuickHostUK’s High-quality services and incredibly reasonable pricing, this has enabled me to continue my business and focus on what it is I do best – knowing that my company is in very good hands and not adversely affecting my sales! (Which I have had experience with on some over contended companies’ services that do not care about the customers. Just the money.)

If only I had of known about QuickHostUK before I made the mistakes and headaches of using other companies!!! – Do not hesitate. Great Rates, Great Support, Great Products. Win-Win.

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Chris Kendall – Voice Over Actor - CK Media Services

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