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What is Let’s Encrypt?

The Let’s Encrypt certificate authority lets anyone install an SSL certificate on their website with a few simple clicks. The certificate is trusted by all major browsers, it is free, and it auto-renews so there are no hassles.

Let’s Encrypt is a public-benefit corporation that provides encryption for websites. The organisation began as a project by the Mozilla Foundation, but it shifted to become a standalone entity in April 2016. Let’s Encrypt is funded by multiple sponsors that include Akamai, Cisco Systems, Facebook, Google, and the University of Michigan. The organisation distributes SSL certificates for free in order to make it easier for more people to encrypt their data.

SSL certificates are a necessity for any website that accepts credit card details as part of the checkout process or allows the input of any sensitive data, as it allows for secure data transmission.

QuickHostUK offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL on all web hosting packages.

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