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Most popular domains of 2021

At the end of April 2021, 52.3% of global websites used the .com extension, which equals more than 600 million sites.

More and more people are choosing alternative domains to .com and the other big sellers like .org and .net.

We’ve crunched the numbers at QuickHostUK to determine which .com alternatives are selling the best in 2021.

The original domain for British businesses online. Because it proudly displays its UK roots, lends credibility to every website that uses it. Established. Commercial. Trusted.


.uk represents the trusted, new, short domain for everyone, showcasing UK values to a global audience today and in the future. The domain is perfect for everyone, from ambitious start-ups to vibrant brands. Confident. Entrepreneurial. Distinctive.

Whether you’re writing a blog, promoting your portfolio, building a social news stream, or showing off your hobbies and talents. Own this domain to develop an online presence that is uniquely yours. Personal. Special. Exclusive.

You’ve found a home for your cause. The domain covers everything not-for-profit in the UK – championing the traditional British spirit of community. Dependable. Safe. Responsible.


Domains that start with .me are great for personal sites, call-to-action sites, and social network sites. Additionally, .me domains are a popular choice for blogs, cv’s, and personal pages.


There are over 24 languages that understand the term online. This is why over 2 million websites already have it in their domain names. If you choose a .online domain for your business, you become more relevant to more customers and have more opportunities around the globe.


Generation XYZ combines generations X, Y, and Z to form a global community influenced by the internet. Innovative and fresh.


.site is an unrestricted domain with wide scope for interpretation. The .site domain can be used by artists, manufacturers, web developers, sports teams, publishers, and more.


The .agency domain is a great choice for businesses that identify themselves as agencies. It’s ideal for advertising agencies, modeling and talent agencies, insurance agencies, and property agencies.


Everyone is a member of a club, from sports and country clubs to health and social clubs. With .club domains, you are able to secure and use a social space that you can truly own and create a community around your interests, passions, and even your business.

Now that you’re inspired, find your perfect domain name here: Domain Names


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