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How do we protect your website?

Whatever type of website you run, your website means a lot to you. It’s your site after all, and of course, you’ve put a lot of effort and money into it. Either it is your primary source of income or it provides you with a great deal of pleasure because it has some emotional value to you. This is why it is imperative to protect your website as much as possible. However, the world of website security can seem complicated and intimidating.

With QuickHostUK, your website and email will be automatically protected by our advanced website security suite.

How does website security work?

Defending your site against hackers and other cybercriminals is what website security is all about. In addition, you can use security apps to protect your site and have strong passwords, while educating yourself about current risks, such as phishing emails. A website security strategy usually also refers to measures taken to protect your website and business from harm that isn’t malicious in nature, such as accidentally deleting crucial files.

How can our website security protect your website?

We safeguard against the following threats with our security solution:

DDoS attacks
A distributed denial-of-service attack, also known as DDoS, sounds complicated, but it’s actually very straightforward. By overloading a website with automated traffic, cybercriminals prevent real visitors from accessing the site. Cybercriminals may request payment in exchange for stopping the attack. All hosting plans at QuickHostUK include DDoS protection and mitigation as standard.

Defaced Websites
If a hacker gains access to your site, they can change it. There are times when that may involve injecting malware and other times when it might involve showing a message. In either case, it will prevent your website from working normally. Every web hosting plan from QuickHostUK comes with a web application firewall (WAF). By scanning for, and blocking any malicious requests entering your website, protects it from being harmed.

There are many types of malware that can be extremely hard to detect. Some of the most prominent malware attacks include the crypto-jacking outbreak that affected the NHS in 2017, in which data was encrypted and held to ransom. There are also malware forms that can linger on a website without being noticed and steal data from your visitors, or infect their devices with malware. By tightly integrating the real-time malware scanner, file antivirus, web application firewall, an automated cleanup tool and proactive defence, there is no chance for malware to be dropped and run on a website. In addition to keeping websites up and running, our malware Scanner detects and cleans up malicious injections and web-shells from files and databases.

Data Breach
You need to ensure that your website is secure, otherwise, hackers could access it and steal sensitive information. All QuickHostUK web hosting plans include free SSL for all websites. This ensures your website is secure when receiving communications.

Accidental Data Loss
Even when actions aren’t malicious, they can deepen the damage done to your website. The same way a cyberattack can take down a website, an accident can do so as well, so good website security will help against both. For this reason, QuickHostUK offers free backups every 6 hours, four times a day, to strengthen your security and disaster recovery plan.

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