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We’re going carbon neutral

Research shows that removing carbon dioxide (CO2e) from the atmosphere will prevent a climate catastrophe. The world’s innovators have been working on giant machines that take carbon out of the air and store it underground. Meanwhile, nature has already built those machines for us. They’re called trees, and they play an essential role in preserving our climate.

No matter where carbon dioxide is emitted or where its source is, it has the same impact on the climate. Therefore, if a tonne of carbon dioxide is taken in from the atmosphere in one area, the carbon dioxide emitted in another area should be cancelled out. When trees grow, they absorb and store carbon dioxide from the air, making forests one of the biggest carbon sinks.

As such, QuickHostUK offsets its carbon emissions by investing in projects around the world that reduce or store carbon, such as forest preservation and tree planting. After careful consideration, we have chosen to invest in the planting of biodiverse forests in Panama, as we feel we can make the most impact with the project.

Planting tropical forests, protecting endangered animals, and creating livelihoods.

Panama’s reforestation program was the first agroforestry program in the world to receive Gold Standard certification. Formerly degraded farmland is now being transformed into strong, biodiverse forests all over Panama, blending 20 local tree species with farmed cocoa trees and sustainable timber, along with dedicated conservation areas.

Ecological benefits

  • The planting of more than 20 types of native trees encourages biodiversity
  • Approximately 25% of the project area is under special protection as a conservation area
  • Establishing wildlife corridors between the various project sites
  • Provides habitat for 15+ or more endangered or vulnerable species

Social benefits

  • Programs for environmental education
  • A sustainable source of income for farmers
  • Provides financial support to local schools
  • Employment for local communities that is long-term and fair

View this projects current carbon ledger and impact registry.

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