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Free website, email, and server monitoring!

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer you a free website, email, blacklist, and server monitoring solution.

To get started, simply head over to your client area to select your package.

You can then access your monitor from the Services > Monitoring Services menu.

free server monitor

Basic Features

Monitoring Features

  • Monitoring intervals – Supports time-intervals of 2, 10, 15, 30, and 60 Min. for monitoring service
  • Email and SMS alert – Members are notified by email and/or SMS
  • Multiple Contacts per monitor
  • Multiple monitoring services – Members can monitor more than 1 website or domain names
  • SMS / Email Alerts based on Length of Downtime
  • Member account upgrade – Option for free members to upgrade to a paid account featuring enhanced web monitoring services
  • Create a ticket when a server goes offline
  • Monitoring supports the following protocols:
    • HTTP: Web Server
    • POP3: Email Server
    • SMTP: Outgoing Email Server
    • SSL: Secure Socket Layer
    • DNS: Domain Name System
    • FTP: File Transfer Protocol
    • HTTPS: Secure Web Server
    • MYSQL: MySQL Databases
    • IMAP: Internet Message Access
    • Spam Blacklist Check Service: Checks IP/Hostname address with Spam Blacklists
    • Keyword Monitoring alert when the keyword (exists/doesn’t exist) on URL with include username/password authentication
    • Website Url monitoring
    • Keyword Monitoring alert
    • Ping
    • Header Status
    • SSL Certificates

Members Login System

  • Member can choose to receive SMS alerts
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Company banners to show on linking us pages


  • Instant check on the status of hostname
  • Supports multiple server location checks

Member Profile

  • Members can have the option to receive weekly email uptime reports
  • Last 20 activities on the account in-service main page

Member Services

  • Ability to edit/delete existing monitoring services
  • Members are able to enable/disable existing services
  • View statistics for each service
  • Add new monitoring services
    • Set hostname and service type (http, pop3, or custom ports)
      • Select check intervals for monitoring
      • Set notification settings for email
      • Choose locations to monitor the service
      • Set notification settings for SMS

Member Statistics

  • Built-in bar charts and graphical pies for visual representations
  • View uptime summary and detailed reports for all services
  • Last 20 activities available via RSS
  • Public Stats pages and charts to show servers status

We’re constantly adding new features and improving our service. We really hope that you find the Monitoring Service useful.

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