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Internationalised Domain Name (IDN) .xn--

Foreign language domain names containing non-ASCII characters are known as internationalised domain names (IDNs). IDNs can be registered using native language characters (non-ASCII characters) or Punycode characters (ASCII characters). We convert the language characters to Punycode and register the Punycode version with the registry if you enter the language characters.

Here is an example of a Greek IDN: ουτοπία.δπθ.gr

The Punycode is (

The ‘.xn--‘ essentially means everything that follows is encoded-Unicode.

Note: you must adjust your web browser’s language settings in order to view characters in an IDN. You may need to install a foreign language pack if you are unable to view the characters. You can find instructions in the Help section of your web browser. You can edit the columns in your Domain Manager to display the ASCII character translation for your IDN.

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