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Adam IT – Case Study

I’ve been working with Quickhost for a number of years now.

I provide IT services and webhosting to a set of niche clients who demand first class service and also a fast and stable platform. The VPS platform they Quickhost provide is one of the fastest I have used, not only for provisioning but also the throughput and bandwidth available to the VPS.

My clients expect a personal level of support when entrusting their web projects with me. Quickhost not only provide excellent technical solutions but also have the support to back it up. Cerrie and the team are never far away to answer the phone or an email and quickly provide the solution.

I have used pretty much every web host out there, but Quickhost stands out from the rest due to its approach to customers in terms of its offering and flexibility with support – nothing is too much trouble.

When you have a question or there is a query, No matter how technical it may be, it’s always answered in a timely manner with regular updates.

I’d recommend Quickhost wholeheartedly, it has helped me please my clients and keep them happy.


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