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Amateur Radio Station :: M0PLT – Case Study

I had been hosting a handful of websites on my Linux server at home on and off for a number of years. There was always a downside to this: the wet piece of string that is the DSL link. To ensure a decent page loading experience for people, and to stop the bots from flooding my home connection, I took the plunge with a VPS. I was forced to search for a new host when Memset was bought-out, their prices increased, and they had no plans to deploy Rocky Linux. I found another VPS provider only to watch them go under within a couple of months – with my money! QuickHostUK came to the rescue, providing a Rocky Linux host that I could control myself and that did not break the bank!

The Rocky Linux 8 VPS at QuickHostUK provides me with a system I can completely control:

  1. Custom highly-secure Apache configurations for the websites I maintain.
  2. The ability to install PHP for the few pieces of code I use on my websites.
  3. Control over the Digital Certificates (no hidden charges to deploy something I can do myself).
  4. Running webalizer to analyse website-traffic.
  5. Custom iptables firewall to block Russia and China.

The monthly charge, instead of a one-off up-front payment, makes Quickhost a fit-and-forget supplier that I would recommend.

Visit M0PLT | UKQRM |

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