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WageDayAdvance – Case Study

We found QuickHost back in 2020 whilst on the lookout for a reputable UK-based cPanel host. After reading countless reviews, we decided QuickHost were the perfect fit to host our new payday loan provider, Wage Day Advance.

Operating a customer-facing website, particularly one that experiences heavy spikes in traffic at peak periods comes with its own set of challenges. It requires the backing of a stable web host to serve its customers promptly and efficiently. Security is also a consideration given the sensitive customer data we handle yet thankfully QuickHost has delivered on both counts.

On the handful of times we’ve required support and guidance, QuickHost has responded in a timely manner and either resolved our issues or alleviated our concerns. In addition, the only downtime we have experienced throughout our time with QuickHost was as a result of a planned migration that concluded successfully within the time frame specified.

Overall, we’re more than happy with what QuickHost offer as web host. The service, packages and price are second to none and the reliability/uptime is exemplary.

We operate several web properties and host them with a range of different providers. Both via independent operations as well as industry leaders yet can honestly say QuickHost is as good if not better than any of the comparable hosts we’ve come across.

We look forward to being a QuickHost customer for many years to come.


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