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BoardCloud – Case Study

BoardCloud is a board portal software that is designed to improve the compliance and governance around meetings of the board of directors in companies and non-profit organisations. Our low-cost system makes it easy for company secretaries to assemble board packs and to schedule company meetings. It also provides secure access for company directors before and during board meetings.

Over the years, we have had experience with hosting our servers in UK using UK-based hosting organisations. And to be honest, our experience has been less than exemplary. To date, all the hosting companies we have tried seem to suffer from the same issues; namely a bend-over-backwards scramble to sign-up new customers touting prices lower than the market rates, along with promises of great service and high quality, speedy infrastructure. All of which seem to disappear after the first few months.

Not so with QuickHost.

I found them when we were in a pinch, after our existing host threatened to raise prices at a time that left us with 48-hours to move or pay up. As luck would have it, I was in-transit at Sydney airport, waiting for a connecting flight that was due to depart in less than an hour. After a frantic trawl of UK-based hosting companies, I decided on QuickHost based on some good reviews I found online.

I was not disappointed.

QuickHost’s sign-up process was quick and painless. Selecting server configs was straightforward even in my semi-panicked state. In less than 15-minutes I had completed the sign-up and configuration process and had run my credit card. I then boarded my short flight to Melbourne with some misgivings. To my surprise, as I was collecting my baggage in Melbourne, my inbox pinged and there were the server access details, which I quickly forwarded to my tech team.
The bottom line: we were up and running in less than 24-hours.
Since then, we have had zero disappointments from QuickHost, just swift and friendly service each time we have needed it.

Thank you QuickHost!

We can happily recommend your service, your good performance, and your reasonable pricing.

BoardCloud board meeting management software. Visit:

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