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WordPress Manager is now in your Client Area

We’re glad to announce that we’ve integrated WordPress management into your Client Area. You can now manage all of your WordPress sites without logging into a single WordPress admin panel, or hosting account for that matter! Simply... Read more

UCEPROTECT Real-Time Blacklist (RBL)

QuickHostUK receives many questions about the reliability of UCEPROTECT. Here are some more details to help address any concerns as quickly as possible. Background Let’s start with the basics. Every internet-enabled device needs an IP... Read more
January Sale

January Hosting Sale 2022

January sales and Boxing Day sales 2021/2022 A fantastic Boxing Day & January sale is one of the best ways to take advantage of our state-of-the-art hosting packages. Are you looking for an incredible deal? Look no further! We are slashing... Read more
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587 vs 465

What’s the difference between ports 465 & 587?

It is a pretty common question that comes up when sending email, but to answer this question fully we need to know a little bit more. SMTP SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and it is the protocol used to send email over the internet.... Read more
Log4j 2 vulnerability

Apache Log4j 2 vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228)

QuickHostUK Managed Server customers have already had their servers patched. If you are running a custom application on the server that uses Log4J, please contact us as soon as possible. Multiple versions of the Apache Log4j 2 library are affected... Read more
How to sync server time

How to sync server time in CentOS & AlmaLinux

The NTP protocol synchronises the clocks of computers over a network. In this article, we will show you how to quickly sync the server time. Many systems-related tasks and processes require the correct timezone. For example, the cron daemon uses... Read more
resell whm cpanel plesk windows

How to resell WHM/cPanel, Plesk and Windows

Reseller hosting refers to the practice of selling website space to other users. Resellers will purchase an amount of disk space and bandwidth from a service provider, such as ourselves. Typically, this will be at a reduced wholesale price, so... Read more
Best FTP clients for Windows, Mac and Linux

Best FTP clients for Windows, Mac and Linux

Filezilla (for Windows, Mac, Linux) (free) Filezilla is one of the most popular FTP clients. FileZilla is free and very intuitive to use. Despite FileZilla’s dated interface and lack of dark mode, it does what it says on the tin.... Read more
We are going carbon neutral

We’re going carbon neutral

Research shows that removing carbon dioxide (CO2e) from the atmosphere will prevent a climate catastrophe. The world’s innovators have been working on giant machines that take carbon out of the air and store it underground. Meanwhile, nature... Read more

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