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Install LAMP

How to install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 20.04

What is LAMP? The LAMP acronym stands for Linux, Apache, MariaDB/MySQL, and PHP, all of which are free and open source. It is the most commonly used software stack for dynamic websites and web applications. The operating system is Linux, the... Read more

How to install Unison

What is Unison? Unison is an open-source file-synchronization application for OSX, Linux, Unix, and Windows. It permits two copies of a collection of files and directories to be stored on different hosts, modified independently, and then brought... Read more
install imagick SSH Keys csf add port for ip

How to install lsyncd

What is lsyncd? The lsyncd tool monitors specified directories (including subdirectories) for updates and modifications and then syncs those changes to a specified destination. Using the Lua programming language, it is an easy-to-install and... Read more
How to sync server time

How to sync server time in CentOS & AlmaLinux

The NTP protocol synchronises the clocks of computers over a network. In this article, we will show you how to quickly sync the server time. Many systems-related tasks and processes require the correct timezone. For example, the cron daemon uses... Read more
Disable Currency WHMCS

Disable Currency in WHMCS

In order to force a particular currency in WHMCS, we can create a hook file. First, create a hook file like so: /home/user/path-to-whmcs/includes/hooks/myhook.php With the following code: From now on, users cannot change their currency from... Read more
508 Resource Limit Is Reached

508 Resource Limit Is Reached

An account may receive the “Resource Limit Is Reached” error when it exceeds the resources assigned to it – CPU usage, RAM usage, or concurrent processes (EP) in the hosting account. Users can investigate the reason why their... Read more
nginx ktls

NGINX tuning with Kernel TLS and SSL_sendfile( )

TLS (Transport Layer Security) is one of the most widely used cryptographic protocols. When TLS is implemented in the kernel (kTLS), performance is improved by reducing the number of copying operations between user and kernel space. When kTLS and... Read more

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