Contracts Cancellation Policy

We are sorry to hear you are considering leaving us. There are a few options available to you depending on whether you’ve entered into a contract or not. Most of our services operate on a 30-day rolling contract only. You can cancel this at any time.

Sometimes customers enter into a longer contract in order to lock in a price or get a discount. If you wish to cancel an extended contract before your minimum term has ended, you will be charged a Remaining Contract Charge.

How do we calculate the Remaining Contract Charges?

  • We add together all outstanding monthly (or other periodic) charges for the remainder of your minimum term, factoring in any recurring monthly discount to which you are entitled, calculated at a daily rate
  • We then deduct VAT at the prevailing rate
  • We then deduct 4% for early receipt of payment to get the contract charge you owe us, reduced by any credit on your account
  • Any remaining Add to Plan charges you have will then be added to this amount to generate your final Remaining Contract Charge
  • These charges may not include any pending bill & direct debit payments
  • Finally, we add VAT at the prevailing rate to get the final charge

You must pay everything you owe if you terminate your agreement with us, whether you are ending your contract or switching providers.

Data recovery for cancelled accounts is subject to an administration fee. This fee applies to all of our plans and does not vary based on the plan. VAT is payable where applicable.

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Form Edited: Jul 30 2021

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