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.info: The Ideal Domain for Information-Driven Websites and Knowledge Hubs

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Simple flat rate pricing. No 99p for the first year, then £19.99 after, with a multi-year contract.

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DNS management is included with all domain names. Uneasy with DNS changes? Send us a ticket and we’ll take care of it.

Privacy Protection

ID Protect shields your data from thieves and scammers and reduces spam mail.

Why choose a .info extension?

For entities passionate about sharing knowledge, information, and educational content, the .info domain provides a clear and direct pathway to visibility. Embraced by information portals, resource hubs, and educational platforms, .info is universally recognised as the standard for informative online spaces. Opting for a .info domain communicates your site’s primary goal of information dissemination, instantly aligning with visitors seeking reliable data and insights. It’s a powerful tool for educators, libraries, research institutions, and information-centric initiatives aiming to establish an authoritative online presence focused on enlightenment and learning.

With QuickHost.UK, you have the opportunity to secure an economical yet impactful .info domain, setting your company on the path to success. Choose a .info domain with us and unlock the potential of global market engagement.

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Global Recognition

.info is a globally recognised domain that transcends linguistic and cultural barriers, making it a universally accepted platform for information sharing.

Credibility and Trust

The .info extension is inherently associated with trustworthy and valuable information, enhancing the credibility of your site among users seeking factual and educational content.

SEO Benefits

Given its informational nature, .info domains are favoured for content-rich sites, potentially improving SEO rankings for educational and informational content.


The .info extension is straightforward and memorable, directly conveying the informative intent of your website, making it easier for users to recall and revisit.


While particularly suited for informational sites, .info is versatile enough to serve a variety of purposes, including educational platforms, resource hubs, and more, offering flexibility in content strategy.

Clear Purpose

A .info domain clearly communicates the purpose of your website to visitors, ensuring they understand immediately that they’re in the right place for factual, informative content.

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