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.net: The Versatile Backbone for Tech-Focused and Innovative Businesses

Simple Pricing

Simple flat rate pricing. No 99p for the first year, then £19.99 after, with a multi-year contract.

Advanced DNS

DNS management is included with all domain names. Uneasy with DNS changes? Send us a ticket and we’ll take care of it.

Privacy Protection

ID Protect shields your data from thieves and scammers and reduces spam mail.

Why choose a .net extension?

For organisations that stand at the forefront of technology and innovation, the .net domain serves as a beacon of versatility and reliability. Initially designated for network services, .net has evolved into a trusted domain for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals who are pioneers in their respective fields. Its association with technology, internet infrastructure, and innovative services makes it a compelling choice for those looking to highlight their tech-savviness and forward-thinking approach. A .net domain not only enhances your brand’s tech-oriented image but also assures customers of your commitment to leveraging technology for excellence.

With QuickHost.UK, you have the opportunity to secure an economical yet impactful .net domain, setting your company on the path to success. Choose a .net domain with us and unlock the potential of global market engagement.

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Global Recognition

While .net may be especially appealing to tech companies and startups, it’s recognised globally across various sectors, providing your brand with a universal appeal.

Credibility and Trust

The .net extension is well-regarded for its original association with network technology, internet service providers, and infrastructure companies, lending a sense of credibility and stability to your online presence.

SEO Benefits

Similar to .com, .net domains are established and trusted by search engines, offering solid potential for good SEO performance, especially for tech-related content and services.


The .net extension is concise and memorable, making it an attractive alternative to .com for businesses seeking a domain name that is both easy to remember and reflects a tech or internet-related identity.

Geographic Targeting

.net is a versatile domain extension, suitable for a wide range of businesses beyond just technology, including creative agencies, online services, and more, offering room for growth and diversification.

Investment Value

.net domains maintain their value well and are sought after in the secondary market. Securing a .net domain can be a strategic asset for your brand, especially if you have or plan to have a tech-oriented focus.

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