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.org: The Trusted Domain for Nonprofits, Communities, and Educational Platforms

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Simple flat rate pricing. No 99p for the first year, then £19.99 after, with a multi-year contract.

Advanced DNS

DNS management is included with all domain names. Uneasy with DNS changes? Send us a ticket and we’ll take care of it.

Privacy Protection

ID Protect shields your data from thieves and scammers and reduces spam mail.

Why choose a .org extension?

The .org domain stands as a pillar of trust and integrity for nonprofits, foundations, educational institutions, and community groups worldwide. It’s the go-to domain for organizations that aim to inspire, advocate, and educate, offering a space where your mission and values take centre stage. With a .org domain, you’re not just setting up a website; you’re telling a story of purpose and impact. It signals to visitors that your site is a place of authority, community, and collective action. Whether you’re raising awareness, driving change, or sharing knowledge, a .org domain reinforces your commitment to making a difference.

With QuickHost.UK, you have the opportunity to secure an economical yet impactful .org domain, setting your company on the path to success. Choose a .org domain with us and unlock the potential of global market engagement.

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Global Recognition

.org is recognised worldwide as the hallmark of nonprofit and mission-driven organisations, enhancing your global appeal and credibility.

Credibility and Trust

The .org extension is synonymous with trust, reliability, and community focus, making it ideal for organizations looking to establish a strong, reputable online presence.

SEO Benefits

Search engines respect the .org domain for its authority and relevance, particularly for informational and non-commercial content, which can aid in achieving better SEO rankings.


.org is one of the most memorable domain extensions, especially when associated with causes, making it easier for supporters and the general public to find and engage with your website.


While predominantly used by nonprofits, .org is versatile and also serves educational institutions, communities, open-source projects, and personal blogs dedicated to a particular cause or idea.

Community and Identity

Adopting a .org domain strengthens your online identity as part of a broader community of organisations and individuals committed to positive social impact.

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