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.tech: The Future-Focused Domain for Technology Innovators

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Simple flat rate pricing. No 99p for the first year, then £19.99 after, with a multi-year contract.

Advanced DNS

DNS management is included with all domain names. Uneasy with DNS changes? Send us a ticket and we’ll take care of it.

Privacy Protection

ID Protect shields your data from thieves and scammers and reduces spam mail.

Why choose a .tech extension?

For the visionaries, innovators, and pioneers of the technology sector, the .tech domain stands as a beacon of progress and futuristic thinking. It’s the perfect online space for startups, tech companies, developers, and creators who are at the forefront of technological advancement and digital innovation. A .tech domain not only positions your brand as a leader in the cutting-edge tech landscape but also immediately communicates your industry focus to visitors, investors, and fellow innovators. By choosing .tech, you align your online presence with an environment of growth, innovation, and technological excellence, appealing directly to a tech-savvy audience eager for the next big thing.

With QuickHost.UK, you have the opportunity to secure an economical yet impactful .tech domain, setting your company on the path to success. Choose a .tech domain with us and unlock the potential of global market engagement.

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Tailored for the technology sector, .tech clearly signals your business’s focus, making it ideal for tech startups, software companies, and digital innovators.

Global Recognition

The .tech extension is globally recognised and respected, associating your brand with the international tech community.

Credibility in Tech

Adopting a .tech domain enhances your credibility within the tech industry, signalling to customers, investors, and partners that you’re a key player in the technological field.

SEO Potential

For technology-related content, a .tech domain can positively impact your SEO strategy, making it easier for tech enthusiasts and professionals to discover your site.

Innovation and Growth

The .tech domain is synonymous with innovation, growth, and the future, aligning your brand with these values and appealing to forward-thinking individuals and organisations.


.tech is memorable and directly relevant to your audience, ensuring that your domain name sticks in the minds of those interested in technology.

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