IP & Subnet Lease Policy


IP addresses are allocated to customers for use with their services and are typically non-interchangeable. However, in exceptional cases and subject to QuickHostUK’s exclusive approval, an IP swap can be arranged at an expense of £5 + VAT per IP. The IP being exchanged must be free from blacklisting and possess either a neutral or favorable reputation.


Customers are allocated subnets as a unified entity in its entirety. This range is non-negotiable and cannot be exchanged, and the individual IP addresses within the range are also non-transferable.


Due to the numerous websites offering IP-to-location services on the Internet, QuickHostUK cannot assure the accuracy of your IP’s location when cross-referencing with these third-party databases. For precise IP location verification, we recommend using RIPE. Further details can be found on our website: https://my.quickhost.uk/knowledgebase/7167/GEO-Location.html

Blacklists and Reputation

QuickHostUK is committed to maintaining the highest quality of our network and, in particular, our IP addresses.

Therefore, IP addresses must always be used responsibly and must not be employed for spamming, engaging in criminal activities, or conducting extensive email marketing campaigns, among other prohibited activities.

In the event of IP address misuse or if they become blacklisted, it is the responsibility of the customer to take immediate action to rectify the situation within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in a charge of £60.00 +VAT per IP address for QuickHostUK to remedy the issue. If the misuse of IP addresses persists, we reserve the right to reclaim (‘revoke’) the leased IP addresses or IP address ranges without the possibility of a refund. The remaining contract period will be invoiced accordingly.

If we receive an abuse report and you do not respond on the same day, we may temporarily suspend your services.

In the case of blacklisting related to a hosting service hosted with us, and if issues are not resolved within 24 hours or if multiple instances of blacklisting or abuse reports occur, we retain the right to immediately suspend your services to safeguard our IP addresses and other customers.

The same blacklist policy also applies to any abuse reports we receive. If an abuse report is submitted within 24 hours after delivery of the service, we reserve the right to terminate the service.

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