Migrations Terms & Conditions

These Migration Terms and Conditions apply to any migration QuickHostUK undertakes and supplement QuickHostUK’s General Terms and Conditions. By requesting QuickHostUK to perform a migration, you consent to these Migration Terms and Conditions, QuickHostUK’s General Terms and Conditions, and QuickHostUK’s Remote Support Session Agreement.

In order to initiate a migration request, a support ticket must be raised and QuickHostUK will attempt to respond within one working day with a suggested migration date and time. The Customer accepts that this response time may be extended during peak periods or in the event of unforeseen technical difficulties.

The Customer acknowledges and understands that QuickHostUK can only move websites from web hosts where QuickHostUK has cPanel or Plesk transfer tools or FTP access.

The migration service involves moving a customer’s website files, databases, and email mailboxes from an existing host to QuickHostUK.

Any sensitive data you provide to QuickHostUK during the migration of your website will be protected in accordance with all UK data protection legislation.

QuickHostUK is not responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from a website migration. It is strongly recommended that customers take a full backup of their website data and files before requesting a migration.

The Customer accepts and understands that QuickHostUK is not responsible for migrating any email settings including forwarders, or domain registrations, or custom DNS records. While QuickHostUK will make every effort to migrate all necessary items for the operation of your website, the customer is responsible for ensuring that the website continues to function as intended following the migration.

It is not possible for QuickHostUK to migrate SSL certificates from the Customer’s current provider. In the event that an SSL certificate is required for any migrated websites, a new one can be installed free of charge on request where possible. You will receive a free Let’s Encrypt DV SSL. If you require a Wildcard, OV, or EV SSL, please visit the QuickHostUK website to purchase.

After any migration has been completed, Customers should check to ensure that the content has been successfully transferred before canceling any third-party hosting package. We accept no responsibility for the loss of data resulting from the termination of any hosting provided by a third party. The decision to terminate any hosting provided by a third party is solely the responsibility of the customer.

QuickHostUK will attempt to resolve technical issues related to a Customer’s website, scripts, or databases that have arisen as a result of the migration. However, we cannot guarantee that the issue will be fixed. The Customer acknowledges that QuickHostUK will do its best to migrate the Customer’s website within three working days, however, this response time may be extended during busy periods or in the event of technical difficulties.

If your DNS is not hosted by QuickHostUK, it is the customer’s responsibility to update your DNS records. Please note that QuickHostUK may be able to change the DNS records for you, however, you will need to provide the logins to the remote panel in order for the changes to be made. In the case of eCommerce migrations, QuickHostUK will make every effort to migrate the website at the scheduled time. However, there may be some deviation due to unforeseen technical issues or human factors.

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