Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Uptime Guarantee

At QuickHostUK, we understand that placing your mission-critical hosting environment in someone else’s hands takes a leap of faith. This SLA clearly defines our responsibility as your provider and how service credit is provided should those responsibilities not be met. We take uptime extremely seriously and we make every effort to ensure you will never experience unplanned downtime.

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) covers Dedicated Rack Space, Colocation, and Managed Servers.


Our power infrastructure is geared for redundancy with multiple failovers including backup diesel generators, UPS, and STS transfer switching which enables us to offer 99.99% power availability.

Guarantee: We guarantee 99.99% power uptime for services with optional A+B power feeds. In the event of a power outage, we will apply a 5% credit of the monthly service fee for every 1 hour of downtime.


We guarantee that network access to your servers and services shall be available 99.99% of the time, excluding emergency and scheduled maintenance. This includes all devices we provide that participate in the delivery of your services including but not limited to, our internet providers, routers, switches, cabling, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, web application firewalls, and load balancers.

Guarantee: We guarantee 99.99% network uptime. In the event of a network outage, we will apply a 5% credit of the monthly service fee for every 1 hour of downtime.


We guarantee all facilities and infrastructure protecting your availability including UPS power, generators, transfer switches, PDUs, HVAC cooling, dry coolers, biometric physical security, video surveillance, and fire protection will be available 99.99% of the time, excluding emergency and scheduled maintenance.

Guarantee: We guarantee 99.99% infrastructure uptime. In the event of an infrastructure outage, we will apply a 5% credit of the monthly service fee for every 1 hour of downtime.


For dedicated hardware, we guarantee the functioning of all server hardware components and firewalls we provide and will replace any failed component at no cost. This includes, but is not limited to, servers, motherboard, memory, hard drives, raid controllers, NIC cards, and firewalls. The replacement will be initiated as soon as the hardware is determined to be the cause of the problem. The new hardware shall be in place within 24 hours. Colocated and customer-provided equipment is excluded from the hardware SLA.

Guarantee: Hardware replacement will begin immediately upon identification of the hardware fault and is guaranteed to be complete within 24 hours of identification. We will apply a 5% credit of the monthly service fee for every day of additional time taken to replace failed hardware components.

Managed Backups

We shall provide optional managed backup services as included in the managed services set out on your order and invoice. Please note that different services have different backup retention times. Backups are provided on a best-effort basis and are in no way guaranteed. You are encouraged to take your own backups also. The time taken to restore backups is not counted as part of the downtime.


SLA credit will not apply if the customer is in breach of any part of our terms of service, or we suspend the Service or any part of it in accordance with those terms, e.g. suspension of service due to overdue invoices or abuse complaints.

QuickHostUK can only guarantee its network and not the general conditions on the Internet. Delays that occur outside our network caused by ISP failures, congestion, unavailability of telecommunications, or third-party services (including DNS propagation) resulting in degradation of service cannot be guaranteed by QuickHostUK.

SLA credit will not apply if the failure is due to a Force Majeure event or the failure is due to a scheduled Service outage or if the fault is not reported to us via the helpdesk with corresponding acknowledgement and ticket ID.

SLA credit shall not exceed more than 100% of the monthly service fee.

Credit Requests

To receive an SLA credit please open a request via our helpdesk within 10 days of the outage. Please include a related ticket ID where you reported the fault to us, dates and times of unavailability and any other information. Once a request has been verified we will credit your account within 30 days on your next invoice.

Please ensure you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service which complement this SLA.

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Form Edited: Jul 30 2021

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