UK Dedicated Server Hosting

Your own private server, made of metal. It might sound old school but nothing compares to the performance of dedicated hardware that you don’t have to share.

If you need a high-powered, independent hosting solution then a dedicated server may be right for you. Rent your own dedicated server from us and we’ll manage the hardware for you. We’ll even give you unlimited bandwidth, so there are no unexpected charges.

You can also collocate your own server in our state-of-the-art UK data centre.

Would you like your server managed?

With a QuickHostUK Dedicated Server, you have the choice between a fully-managed or self-managed server.

Fully Managed

24/7 fully-managed support team
Our dedicated team of server specialists handles all your requests. This can include installing software, WordPress, or Magento optimisation & security, website & email migrations, PCI & GDPR compliance, website speed & error debugging, installing free SSL certificates for every website you run, and more…

Monitoring and remediation
In order to ease your mind and save you time, we monitor the performance of your server, running services (e.g., web server, memory, CPU), and remediation.

Fully-managed backups
For peace of mind, consider adding a backup package during checkout. With a dedicated team of experts on hand, we provide 24/7 backup & restore assistance.

Managed patching. Managed updates
Stop patching and updating your operating system and control panel manually. Our team keeps your server up-to-date, so you don’t have to worry.

We will security harden the server OS, install a web application firewall (WAF) and manage your server’s adaptive firewall. Our advanced DDoS protection protects your network around the clock.

Self Managed

As standard, a self-managed dedicated server is managed by you. We only provide the infrastructure.

Need more help deciding? Please contact us.

Product - Processor (CPU) Memory Storage Transfer Monthly Deployment
E3 - 1 x Intel Xeon E3 8MB Cache 4 Core @ 3.30GHz 8GB 1 x 250GB SSD Unlimited £109.00 £49.00 Instant Configure Configure
E3 - 1 x Intel Xeon E3 8MB Cache 4 Core @ 3.30GHz 16GB 1 x 250GB SSD Unlimited £114.00 £54.00 Instant Configure Configure
E3 - 1 x Intel Xeon E3 8MB Cache 4 Core @ 3.30GHz 8GB 2 x 250GB SSD (RAID1) Unlimited £119.00 £59.00 Instant Configure Configure
E3 - 1 x Intel Xeon E3 8MB Cache 4 Core @ 3.30GHz 16GB 2 x 250GB SSD (RAID1) Unlimited £124.00 £64.00 Instant Configure Configure
E5 - 1 x Intel Xeon E5 15 MB Cache 6 Core @ 2.50GHz 16GB 2 x 250GB SSD (RAID1) Unlimited £139.00 £79.00 Instant Configure Configure
Dual E5 - 2 x Intel Xeon E5 15MB Cache 6 Core @ 2.70GHz 32GB 2 x 500GB SSD (RAID1) Unlimited £160.00 £100.00 Instant Configure Configure
Dual E5 - 2 x Intel Xeon E5 20MB Cache 8 Core @ 3.30GHz 32GB 2 x 500GB SSD (RAID1) Unlimited £190.00 £130.00 Instant Configure Configure
Dual E5 - 2 x Intel Xeon E5 15MB Cache 6 Core @ 2.70GHz 64GB 2 x 500GB SSD (RAID1) Unlimited £255.00 £195.00 Instant Configure Configure
Dual L5 - 2 x Intel Xeon L5 12MB Cache 6 Core @ 2.80GHz 96GB 4 x 500GB SSD (RAID10) Unlimited £289.00 £229.00 Instant Configure Configure
Dual E5 - 2 x Intel Xeon E5 30MB Cache 12 Core @ 2.40GHz 256GB 2 x 1TB SSD (RAID1) Unlimited £709.00 £649.00 Instant Configure Configure
Custom Build - Custom Custom Custom Unlimited £0.00 £0.00 Custom Configure Configure

24/7 Support

Genuine 24/7 support with response times of just minutes not hours like some other providers.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We provide unlimited bandwidth so you don’t need to worry about limits or unexpected bills.

Instant Access

QuickHostUK Dedicated Servers are provisioned instantly and ready for use in minutes.

Our dedicated servers are packed full of features and support to make management easy and straightforward.

Fully Managed Servers

Let QuickHostUK manage your server and every website on it, so you can focus on what matters, your business!

Rapid Provisioning

Our state-of-the-art bare metal provisioning system will get your server deployed in minutes, not hours! Fully set up and ready to use in no time.

Backups & Snapshots

Automatic backups are extremely important for mission-critical systems. Order scheduled backups with just a few clicks during the checkout.

Permanent KVMoIP

All dedicated servers come with permanent access to an out-of-band management interface with a KVM console. Access your server’s management interface even when the server is powered off.

Control Panel

Our control panel allows you to remotely manage your servers with a handy preview of important details such as power status, uptime, real-time monitoring, statistics of traffic, ping, power usage, and status.

Wide range of OS

Choose from a range of Windows and Linux OS distros. Installing OS from your control panel is quick and easy. Choose OS, configure HW Raid (if applicable) and click Install.

100% Uptime SLA

We’re so confident in our infrastructure that we include a 100% SLA on our power and network as standard.

DDoS Protection

DDoS protection is essential for maximum uptime and general peace of mind. Our DDoS mitigation system offers protection against layer 3 and layer 4 network attacks.

Certified Infrastructure

With our own ISO certification, our data centre is among the safest and most advanced in the world.

A bare metal provisioning solution tailored to your needs. Instantly deploy any number of managed or self-managed dedicated servers.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art bare metal provisioning system, your dedicated server can be up and running within minutes, with all the tools you need to manage it. If you don’t want the hassle of managing a server, we can take care of that too!

Why choose us?

  • 30 Day Money Back

    We offer a no-fuss 30 day money back guarantee on our hosting packages. At QuickHostUK your satisfaction is our priority.

  • Secure UK Based Hosting

    We own and operate our own data centre in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire where we host dedicated, cloud, and colocated customers.

  • Unrivalled 24/7 Support

    Our 24/7 dedicated support provides response times of just minutes not hours like some providers.

Staff Profile CR CEO

A leader in Bare Metal

Our bare metal platform features integration with our client area allowing you to automatically provision and control all of your services and accounts from one convenient location.

  • Boot/Reboot/Shut Down/BMC Cold Reset Server
  • Receive email notifications on complete server tasks
  • Change server Hostname
  • View SSH access details & change SSH passwords
  • Toggle Rescue Mode
  • Access noVNC KVM Console (No JAVA required)
  • View Access List with Stored Passwords
  • Manage DNS & rDNS (PTR) Records
  • Rebuild servers using Prebuilt OS Templates
  • View Server Resource & Usage Graphs
  • View Traffic Statistics On:
    • Single Device
    • All User Devices
Baremetal Dashboard

Our two focusses are providing you with the technology you need and customer service.

That’s why we drive excellence into our customer service and our hosting solutions. We understand our clients and their expectations to ensure we over deliver, everytime.

More about us

What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated Servers, also known as Dedicated Hosting or Metal Servers is a type of server hosting where the client rents an entire server that is not shared with anyone else. The client has exclusive use of the entire server.

Do you have a management panel?

Yes, our web-based server manager allows you to manage every aspect of your server:

  • Reboot
  • Shutdown
  • Power Status
  • OS Reinstall
  • Boot into Rescue System
  • Network Graphs
  • Sensor Graphs
  • IPv4 & IPv6 DNS & rDNS
  • VNC & SSH Console
  • And more

Are your dedicated servers managed?

As standard, all servers are self-managed by you. We only provide the infrastructure. However, you can add management to your server during the checkout to make it a fully managed dedicated server.

What is a fully managed dedicated server?

We will proactively manage and monitor every aspect of your hosting environment 24/7/365 ensuring your websites or applications remain online and running optimally all the time.

  • No Contracts
  • Cancel Any Time
  • cPanel, Plesk, or Windows
  • Hourly Security Updates
  • Install Any Requested Software
  • WordPress Optimisation & Security
  • Magento Optimisation & Security
  • Free Website & Email Migrations
  • Fully Managed Service
  • PCI & GDPR Compliant Hosting
  • Apache, NGINX, LiteSpeed or IIS
  • MySQL Data at Rest Encryption
  • Rebootless Kernel Security Updates
  • GDPR Ready Encrypted Backups
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL’s
  • Website Speed & Error Debugging

The features highlighted above are just a few of the things we include as standard. Ultimately, we manage, secure & monitor the server and all of the sites on it, leaving you to worry about what matters – your business!

What OS templates do you include?

Currently, we provide the following OS templates to install with 1 click:


  • AlmaLinux
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • openSUSE
  • Rocky Linux
  • Scientific Linux
  • Ubuntu


  • Windows Server 2021r2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019

What backups do you offer?

We offer a choice of backups for your servers. Either snapshots or Continuous Data Protection (CDP).

Snapshots – Backs up the entire server in one image, in one go. You can only restore the entire server in one go.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) – Individual recovery points are accessible through the secure web interface where you can select individual files, directories, databases, or entire file systems to be restored within minutes.

What is the network speed of my server?

Currently, we offer speeds up to 10Gbp/s on our servers.

Where are your servers located?

We are based in the UK with our main hosting facilities located in High Wycombe (northwest of London) and Coventry (Central England).

Do you offer an SLA?

Yes, our SLAs offer particular value for businesses demanding the highest level of performance and greater peace of mind. Please see our Service Level Agreement (SLA) for more information.

Can you build a custom server?

Yes, we can build any server to suit your needs. Please get in touch for a quotation.

I already own a server and need to host it!

Perfect, please see our Collocation & Rack Space packages to host your own equipment in our data centre.

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