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Category: Case Studies – Case Study

Elevating Blockchain Security with’s Dedicated Servers stands at the forefront of blockchain auditing, dedicated to bolstering the integrity and trustworthiness of decentralised ecosystems. With an unwavering... Read more
boardcloud logo

BoardCloud – Case Study

BoardCloud is a board portal software that is designed to improve the compliance and governance around meetings of the board of directors in companies and non-profit organisations. Our low-cost system makes it easy for company secretaries to... Read more
Software Nerd

Software Nerd – Case Study

Migrating to QuickHost was a game-changer for our software business. Their UK-based data centers eliminated geographical limitations, enabling faster software delivery to our customers in the UK. We were impressed by the inclusion of free SSL and... Read more
install imagick SSH Keys csf add port for ip

UNTE//ECT – Case Study

After the upheaval of the pandemic, many smaller hosts were consumed by dubious sharks full of hidden extras and feeble features at racketeering rates. I finally put my money on QuickHostUK because of their empowering features, decent prices and... Read more
towing centres

Towing Centres – Case Study

Towing Centres have been using QuickHostUK since 2019. In 2021 we began the long and still ongoing process of rebuilding our entire online presence from scratch the one constant we have had is our use of QuickHostUK. We have found the upgrade and... Read more
WageDayAdvance Logo

WageDayAdvance – Case Study

We found QuickHost back in 2020 whilst on the lookout for a reputable UK-based cPanel host. After reading countless reviews, we decided QuickHost were the perfect fit to host our new payday loan provider, Wage Day Advance. Operating a... Read more

Amateur Radio Station :: M0PLT – Case Study

I had been hosting a handful of websites on my Linux server at home on and off for a number of years. There was always a downside to this: the wet piece of string that is the DSL link. To ensure a decent page loading experience for people, and to... Read more

Adam IT – Case Study

I’ve been working with Quickhost for a number of years now. I provide IT services and webhosting to a set of niche clients who demand first class service and also a fast and stable platform. The VPS platform they Quickhost provide is one of the... Read more
Desap Enterprises Limited

Desap Enterprises Limited – Case Study

We have been in the software agency business for a long period now and in the time we have used many hosting providers and options but none has come close to Quickhost on almost all metrics. We recently moved form one of the supposedly big players... Read more
myvitopia quickhostuk

Vitopia – Case Study

QuickHostUK was introduced to us by our previous web developers. They were very happy with the website hosting performance and the security options. After some time we became a fan as well. The customer service is really good. They helped us many... Read more

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